All We Have is Now

More of a visual diary, I love to photograph things that catches my eye or capture a moment of time that will quickly be forgotten forever. They are just casual images, some are personal, taken through the lens of iPhone, Nikon and Leica. Some images may be of a low quality due to type of camera.

The first few images you see on the right are the latest. New photos are added all the time.

Many images feature my dog Angel! :)

Angel after a bath :)  

View of Angel waking me up!  

Angel sleeping...  

Photo of mum as young girl. In those days photographers painted colour on black & white prints!!!  

Double eggs!  

Later, my Father became chief engineer. This is one he piloted inside the hostile environment of the Arctic circle.  

One of the oil tankers Father navigated in his early days.  

Found couple of photos in his drawer. Think this one was a photo taken of one the helicopters he was testing at Boscombe.  

My parent's wedding. They were married for sixty years.  

Going through personal effects of my late father. Found his flying suit which I never seen before. God, this is hard...  

Angel been up to mischief!  

Delinquent teenager! #dogs

Back paws overlapping while sleeping.  

Angel among Bluebells :)  


Angel having a shoulder massage on my lap. :)  

Some of us have to go work, this lady of leisure has other ideas...  

Angel dreaming...  

Play with me!  

Naughty Angel stolen my glasses!  


Angel resting on mum's foot.  


Waiting for breakfast :)  

Gentler politics...