Lecia M10Life is like a camera!

Photography is becoming more personal for me. I am moving away from earning a living out of it and pursuing this as fine art form. I am more interested in photographing life around me and producing photos for myself rather than for clients.

I live in Hampshire/Wiltshire where I look after my elderly mother (suffered a moderate stroke that affected her severely) with the help of carers. My late Father died from dementia last December 2016 and I am still trying to come to terms with events since then. I am using photography as therapy to help me to move on.

I have updated a system which allows me to take a picture then straight to this website, print or client. I am currently fine tuning this.

I have recently bought a Leica M10. I will still be using the Nikon system for some work. However, the simplicity and quality of the Lecia system will phase out my Nikon kit. I no longer have to carry heavy gear and this means I have the freedom to roam with one piece of equipment.

I love photographing faces, arts events, street scenes, horses and landscapes. I sell fine art photographs from this. I still do portrait and headshot work.

I have portraits of famous people in the National Portrait Gallery Collections in London. I have a Master of Arts from Central Saints Martins, London. My last project was doing a memory portrait series for Platform 4 of individuals who worked at South Bank's Queen Elizabeth Hall. My work was successfully displayed at the Royal Festival Hall in late 2016 and the prints reappear again in Queen Elizabeth Hall as a permanent feature after renovations completed.