Meet Dom

With a lifelong love for dogs, horses, and other animals, Dominic Old has a passion for photographing them. His innate ability to develop an instant rapport with not only his own dog, Angel, but with others’ pets as well gives him a distinct edge among pet photographers.

Although his style is of a portrait and documentary nature, he adds a unique touch to bring out the personality of each animal, creating works of fine art in the process.

He has exhibited his work in the National Portrait Gallery and has had a commissioned portrait exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in South Bank, London. He has also photographed several well-known human clients as well as his four-legged ones.

Dominic adds, ‘My first childhood dog, Lassie, was born on a rubbish dump in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and my family adopted her. She brought a lot of happiness and fun into our lives. My only regret was we did not have many pictures of the dog to remember her by. We underestimate how important they are for our well-being. Lassie and my current Cavachon dog Angel inspired my mission to use my professional photography skills to capture pets and people to celebrate our mutual love of animals’.