I have been in and out of photography most of my working life. I am self-taught but I did go to art college to learn more about photography and ended up with an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. My very first photography job was a wildlife education photographer for Marwell Zoological Park which I loved doing. I have covered many areas of photography from a picture researcher for the Press Association to a freelance photographer. I have also taught photography and digital media as well.

My speciality is of a portrait and documentary nature. Style wise is more fine art and sometimes quirky. I have work in the National Portrait Gallery and not long ago I had a small commissioned portrait exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London.

Sadly in 2011, my Mother had a serious stroke and my Father’s health was in decline. This meant I had to give up my professional practice and a studio in London to care for them at home. They both developed dementia. My Father passed away in 2016 and my mum in April 2018.

Angel, my dog, helped us to look after mum. Now Angel is helping me with come to terms with my loss. She is motivating me to return to photography again. Hence, I have found a new direction to do dog photography. I realised that dogs are beautiful creatures and many have interesting characters. They make me happy.

My first childhood dog, Lassie was born on a rubbish dump and my family adopted her. She brought a lot of happiness and fun into our lives. My only regret was we did not have many pictures of the dog to remember her by. We underestimate how important they are for our well being.

This is why I wish to use my professional photography skills to capture pets and people to celebrate our love of animals.