The Sessions

Dominic's aim is to capture the beauty and unique personality of your dogs. He loves to photograph them on location at home, park, beach or street documentary style. Dominic does stunning photo art headshots in studio or natural lighting. His speciality is producing wall art in metal or acrylic.

Dominic is currently based in Southampton with easy access to London, Winchester, New Forest, South Coast, Salisbury and Bath.

There are three photo art sessions to choose from, starting at £49 to £129. The list below summarises the investment:
  • Photoshoot in any place up to 25 miles from Southampton. Additional travel is 50p per mile.
  • 'London Life' Session fee covers Zone 1 & 2. Additional travel is 50p per mile.
  • Selecting & editing final images.
  • Personal viewing and ordering Session.
  • Session fee becomes credit for wall art and other products.
  • The session fees work in the opposite way!!! You only pay a non-refundable reservation retainer to hold a space for your session. After the completed shoot, 100% of that reservation retainer becomes a payment credit towards any products during the ordering appointment!

    PLEASE NOTE: Products and digital files are not included in the session fee. They are to be purchased separately.


    The Happy Dog Session is a straightforward 3-hour shoot at an outdoor location. You can choose a place from the photographer's list. Alternatively, It can be done at your favourite location within 25 miles from Winchester. We aim to capture your furry pet's best looks and character. Availability - Fridays and Weekends. Book early for Spring and Summer.

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    The session is for city dogs in London. We will explore known locations in front of London's famous landmarks. This will be a 3-hour photoshoot tour covering parks, streets and river scene. Availability - Fridays & Weekends. Book early for Spring/Summer/Autumn.

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    Just beautiful headshots. Your dog would be photographed in a studio set up or outdoors at an arranged venue. The great value sessions are all in 30 minutes time slots so you are advised to book quickly. Dates and availability are usually announced on here. Alternatively, please click here to be notified of future session dates and offers.

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    The Products

    Wall Art

    Art reflects who you are, your taste and love. A large creative picture of your dog can create a visual impact in your home and makes your place a home sweet home. The popular ones are metal and acrylic prints. The prints last 75 years if kept out of direct or strong sunlight. Metal prints are lighter than framed prints and easy to maintain. This is why they are suited to be big creating a wow factor. when visitors see your home. You can even hang them in the bathroom without spoiling the print.

    Metal and acrylic can be purchased unframed or framed depending on your choice. We also offer traditional framed prints to suit your home. Wall art comes in a variety of styles and finishes, starting at £259.

    All wall art is signed at the back by the photographer.

    Seriously Big Wall Art

    This is for clients who require a large piece of artwork over a meter long for serious large spaces at home or business. If you have a wow picture of your dog you will certainly create a massive wow factor! They are usually in metal prints for durability and lightness. In some cases, a bespoke photo shoot requires a digital medium format camera for a seriously big wall job. A consultation is required to assess the suitability of your potential project. Prices range from £1000 depending on the size.

    Gallery Collections

    Having a gallery collection is a lovely way of making a statement about your dog in your home. It is also an artistic statement of filling a wall space creating a homely style to your house or flat. There is a variety of options to choose from for your unique space. Help is at hand if you are not sure what to go for. Pricing varies.

    Albums and Images Boxes

    Many of our LifeStyle clients like to display the majority of remaining images in a coffee table book or a beautiful image box containing the prints. It is a wonderful way of treasuring the images for years to come. There is such a variety to choose from, starting at £250.

    Desktop Art

    We have a range of high-quality products from the eye-catching Glacier blocks to framed prints. They are great for displaying on desks, sideboard and table tops at home or office. These products start from £100.

    Create A Photo Art Collection and Get 25% Off All Products

    On top of having not having to pay a session fee, you can also save 25% off all product by creating a Photo Art collection of what you EXACTLY what you want. To qualify for the 25% discount you would need to choose at least one piece of wall art, 16x20 or larger and choose any two products. This way is 25% off your investment.

    Frequent Questions from Clients

    Many dogs are naturally fine with the camera and flash but sometimes some are nervous with being photographed! This is not a problem if they are restless, as my camera is capable of capturing a moment at a fast shutter speed. There are other techniques that would help to get the best out of them. If there an issue or something we should know please tell me. We would spend extra time to get the right photograph if necessary.

    The safety of the public, our clients and dogs come first. Most of our shots are done on a leash and we simply airbrush them out in Photoshop (no charge). It is easier to control a dog in front of lens. We very rarely let dogs off the leash if their owners are 110% confident in recalling the dog in any situations. In certain places like urban areas it is a must to keep dogs on a leash even with best well behaved dogs. We use show leads for portrait shots and a very long line for action shots.

    Sometimes clients know exactly what they want or they are overwhelmed with choices. Yes, we are there to help you to make an informed decision on choosing the right images and presentation. One tip is to decide where your wall art should go and measure up. This will put you in the right directions.

    Yes, normally this is done in the LifeStyle session but can be done under the Portait Session. This would mean we only photograph you and the dog. We want to focus in getting the right picture in the limited time scale.

    Simply fill out the session inquiry form. Sessions are often booked a few weeks in advance. However, sessions for the Spring, Summer and Autumn get snapped quickly so you are advised to book early with the reservation fee paid.

    Don't worry if you have to change a date in advance due to something unforeseen or we are unlucky with the weather we can change the date without losing your paid fee.

    Most clients prefer prints of dogs in colour because simply they feel it is better. Black and White does not always work for them. However, sometimes black & white can have a big visual impact to the eye if done the right way and presented well. All sessions are done in colour and the final choice can be converted to black & white.

    News of Special Sessions, Dates & Offers

    We are always updating new dates for our popular Headshot Sessions. We also have plans for special location sessions for the Spring & Summer. We like to keep you in the loop so please feel free to sign up to our mailing list.

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